Beach Boychicks...Beach Boys Purim

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Fun, Fun, Fun
Now You Bow Down
Don't Worry Esther

Original Title Purim Title
Fun, Fun, Fun *
Fun, Fun, Fun *
Wouldn't It Be Nice *
It'll Be So Nice
California Girls
Shushan Girl
I Get Around *
Now You Bow Down *
Help Me Rhonda
Help Us Esther
Be True To Your School
Be True To The Jews
Surfin' USA
Jews Are Gonna Pay
Don't Worry Baby *
Don't Worry Esther *
Good Vibrations * Good Vibrations *
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Included in this shpiel: Beach Boychicks...Beach Boys Purim
  • Beach Boy Parts: 8 parts –plus chorus
  • Hard Copy of CD Insert
  • CD of Music with parodied vocals
  • CD of Script and CD Insert
  • Hard Copy of Script
  • Optional
    • DVD of Shpiel - $20.00
    • Karaoke Tracks - $30.00
    • Power Point $50.00