The Beatles Purim

PRELUDE Outside the Palace
John, Paul, George and Ringo enter.
They speak in British accents (if possible) or in whatever they can muster that sounds something like a British accent.
ohn: 'ello!
George: Hallo!
Paul: Cheerio!
Ringo: We're … The Beatles!!!
Company runs in from both sides… with the girls/women screaming at the top of their lungs (think Ed Sullivan Show).
John: We're about to take you on a bit of a Magical Mystery Tour!
Ringo: Are we going in a Yellow Submarine?
Paul: No, but it will be a Long and Winding Road!
George: And we're just the blokes to tell you the story.
Ringo: Yup… With a Little Help from My Friends John, Paul and George … along with the lads and lassies of this jolly good congregation … we're going to take you Across the Universe and back through time − to the far-away land of Shushan.
John: Right-o, Ringo! And so with no further adieu… All Together Now!
How The Jews Did Win
To the tune of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"
SCENE 1 – The Throne Room
John, Paul, George and Ringo take up positions stage left (or stage right), where they remain throughout the Shpiel.
Paul: (Gesturing toward Ahashverosh)
'E's the King of Shushan – Ahashverosh.
John: 'E 'as things pretty good… a fab palace over there on Penny Lane… and a knockout queen, Vashti. They say she's an 'eck of a dancer!
Ringo: Right-o! And 'E's about to order 'is guards to bring 'er in to dance at his next shindig.
George: But Do You Want to Know a Secret? She's not 'avin any of it!
George: But do you want to know a secret? She's not 'avin any of it
Paul: Haramzadeh!
John: What's that??
George: Well it's surely not a Beatles song!
Paul: It's a Persian word for Out of Wedlock
Ringo: Who's out of wedlock?
Paul: I don't know but it's a fun word to say. And it's in this next song. Let's listen to the King.
I'm The King Can't You See
To the tune of Obladi, Oblada