A snippet from "Beatles"

Script adapted from Linda Davis' A Purim Story Lyrics to Beatles'
Music written by Rabbi Richard D. Agler and Cantor Stephanie Shore
After Rabbi gives brief intro:
(All forward to microphone for song)
SONG: Purim at CBI (to the tune of I Wanna Hold Your Hand)
Oh, please let us tell you
So you can understand
This night we'll make fun
Of Haman's evil plan (2xs)
Purim at CBI
We're lucky that Queen Esther
Came in and saved the day
And we'll tell the story
In our own special way (2xs)
Purim at CBI
When it is Purim we feel happy inside
It's such a feeling that our joy
We can't hide, we can't hide, we can't hide
So sit back and relax
Our shpiel will soon begin
And listen to the story
Of how the Jews did win (3xs)
Purim at CBI
(everyone goes back and sits down)
Narrator: The children were restless: they scowled at the snow;
They whined and they quarreled and wished it would go;
George: "It's been ever so long since we last built a sukkah,
And it's almost a year until next Chanukah.
Tu B'Shevat it was nice to plant trees in the sun!
Now if Pesach came sooner, that would be fun!…"
Narrator: Then in walked their father; he listened and said, "Purim is coming, so why don't you get, your costumes and graggers, 'cause soon we'll fulfill a Mitzvah when all of us hear the Megillah.
Narrator: "The story took place a long time ago, we read it each year so that each Jew will know. In a country called Persia-now known as Iran,
(Vashti stands up in her place)
a queen wouldn't appear and the trouble began….(Vashti shakes her head no!)
"You see, King Ahashverosh (can you say his name?)
(Ahashverosh stands up and goes to microphone)
Gave a big dinner party; the whole kingdom came
From all of the provinces where the King reigned,
To his palace in Shushan, and there they remained.
And after they'd feasted on good food and wine,
The King, very pleased, said:
(Vashti goes to microphone)
Ahashverosh: This party is fine. I'll summon Queen Vashti to put on a show.
Narrator: But when Vashti was called, her answer was
Vashti: NO! I refuse to show up and be seen by the guests.
Ahashverosh: (very angrily) I am so angry you refused my request.
Vashti: So here take my crown, take my ring, It is sealed, in front of your friends I shall not be revealed. So now, let me tell you, and hear me this night, it's time you learned something about equal rights.