Despicable Me Snippet

Narrator #1: This yearís Purim Shpiel takes place in the Shushan Paradise Mall, where we find the characters of Despicable Me 2. King Ahashveros is Doctor Nefario. Vashti is Lucy and Mordechai is Gru
Narrator #2: Esther is Margo. Haman is ďEl MachoĒ. Us narrators, we are Edith and Agnes.
Narrator#1:KingAhash-Nefarioishostingagrandparty. Alltheguestsare dancing the hora and having a wonderful time.
Narrator #2: I wish I was dancing too! La la la .... Let's all go now to the Shushan Paradise Mall and join in the celebration.
Minion Guard #1: make it hard to understand, with subtitles - Attention, attention.
Minion Guard #2: make it hard to understand, with subtitles- The King has an important announcement to make.
Minion Guard #3: make it hard to understand, with subtitles -Please lend us your ears.;
King: (a light British accent) Soon my queen shall arrive and dance for all of my guests. (clap, clap) Minions, send orders to the Queen that we await her presence.
(Minion Guards exit and go to the queen)
Minion Guard #1: Queen Lucy, King Ahash-Nefario is ready for you to appear. You must come now.
Queen: I will not appear at his party. I will not dance the hora for his guests. What I really want to do is fight bad guys with my awesome lipstick taser.. Tell him no!
Queen's Minion: talk in nonsense, with subtitles - But your highness, you must obey the King's wishes.
Minion Guard #2: But Queen Lucy, the consequences.
Queen: You have my answer, tell the King NO!
(Minion Guards go to the King)
Minion Guard #1: Yes Doctor, she has refused to appear. King: What, I am outraged! How dare she refuse my request. Who does she think she is, James Bond? The womenís place is in my palace, not fighting evil.. She will be dethroned for this act of disrespect. Minion Guards bring me the Queen! (Minion Guards exit and bring the Queen to see the King.)
Queen Lady: Sire, the Queen is here to see you.
King: Send her in.
Queen: Yes, Sire you wanted to see me. I know you want me to dance, but, well... Iíve been called by the AVL, you know, the Anti-Villain League, and made an offer I canít refuse. I thought maybe you would understand, but I guess you are too old fashioned.
King: Thatís right missy. You have embarrassed me in front of my guests--for this you will be banished from this mall forever.