East Shushan High

Written by Cantor Stephanie Shore
Narrator #1: This year's Purim Shpiel takes place in East Shushan High. Here we find the characters: King Ahashveros is Troy Bolton. Vashti is Taylor, Mordechai is Ryan Evans.
Narrator #2: Esther is Gabriella Esther. Haman is Sharpay Haman in pink
Narrator#1: King Troy Ahashveros is hosting a grand party. All the guests are dancing the hora and having a wonderful time.
Narrator #2: Let's all go now to East Shushan High and join in the celebration.
Guard #1: Attention, attention!
Guard #2: The King Troy Ahashveros has an important announcement to make.
Guard #3: Please lend us your ears.
King: Soon my Queen, the lovely Vashti, shall arrive and dance for all of my guests. (clap, clap)
Guards, send orders to the Queen that we await her presence.
Guard #1: Queen Taylor Vashti, King Troy Ahashveros is ready for you to appear. You must come now.
Queen Vashsti: I will not appear at his party, I will not dance the hora for his guests. Tell him no!
Queen Vashti's Lady: But your highness, you must obey the King's wishes!
Guard #2: But Queen, the consequences!
Queen Vashti: You have my answer: tell the King NO!
Guard #2: King, the Queen has told us she will not dance for you.
Guard #1: Yes sire, she has refused to appear!
King: What, I am outraged! How dare she refuse my request! She will be dethroned for this act of disrespect. Guards bring me the Queen!
Queen Vashti's Lady: Sire, the Queen is here to see you.
King: Send her in.
Queen Vashti: Yes, Sire you wanted to see me?
King: You have embarrassed me in front of my guests--for this you will be banished from East Shushan High forever!
Song by Vashti I'll Have A Ball
(In the style of "High School Musical - I Want It All")
Vashti's Song
Vashti: I never really liked it here bein' your queen
Can you feel me?
King Troy Ahashverosh: Huh?
Vashti: Seriously?
King Troy Ahashverosh: What?
Vashti: You shoulda know I didn't like this whole palace thing
King Troy Ahashverosh: No big thing!
Vashti: I won't dance
Vashti: Your gonna miss it
Vashti: It won't change, it's been the same
King Troy Ahashverosh: Need a queen with a new name
Vashti: Loosing first string
King Troy Ahashverosh: So what!
Vashti: I need respect
King Troy Ahashverosh: Get lost
Vashti: Find a guy, who will buy one who'll keep me flyin' high
King Troy Ahashverosh: This deal is now nullified
Vashti: You're just a has been
Student #1: Did you hear that the King expelled the Queen?!
Student #2: Whatever will he do without a Queen?
King: Let it be known the Queen's throne of East Shushan High is now open. I will hold a contest to find the perfect Queen and wife to sit by my side.
Student #3: Did you hear that? I've got a friend that's perfect. I've got to hurry up and call to tell her!
Student #4: Yeah, I have a sister who would be wonderful as the Queen.
Student #1: Well, I have a one of my cousin's sister's who'd be wonderful.
Student #2: I've got the daughter of my mother cousin's brother's neighbor from around the block who I think would be perfect.
Student #3: Enough of this.
Student #4: Let's get going.
Narrator #3: The students quickly busy themselves to prepare for the King's search for the next Queen.