A snippet from Megillah on the Roof...Fiddler on the Roof

King Ahashverosh, Haman, Zeresh and Hegai enter.
Hegai: Iím sorry to hear about Vashti, your highness. She DID dance divinely!
King: I know, but she was SO disagreeable. Wives are supposed to cater to their husbandsí every whim. Isnít that right, Zeresh?t
Zeresh: Oh yes, sire. Absolutely, sire. [Aside, to audience] What century is HE living in?
Haman: Thatís right, your excellency. Zeresh always obeys me!
King: Frankly, Haman... [PAUSE] I suspect that she had better obey you... or suffer the consequences. You DO have a pretty nasty temper.
Haman: Itís because I have so much responsibility, sir. You count on me to do an awful lot around here. In fact, I think itís time for me to have a new title. ďPrime ministerĒ just doesnít cut it anymore. I would like to be known as ďTzar Haman.Ē [PAUSE]
King: Fine, fine... You can be the Tzar. I donít care. I have much more important concerns at the moment. I need a new queen Ė and the sooner the better! Iím lonely.
Hegai: Vashti has only been gone since the end of the last scene. How can you be lonely already?
King: I am a very impatient man!
Haman: You heard him, Hegai... Get out there and find him a queen! And while youíre at it, keep your eyes open for those nasty Jews. We wouldnít want one of THEM to be queen, now, would we?.
Hegai: Oh, no. Perish the thought, Haman! [PAUSE]
Haman: Perish... now THEREíS an idea!
Zeresh: I just love the way you think, Tzar Haman! [PAUSE]