M'GLEElah Purim

Me "Glee" la Purim
Narrator #1: This year's Purim Shpiel takes place in Lima, Ohio. Where we find the characters of Me "Glee" lah Purim. King Ahashveros is Finn Hudson, Vashti is Quinn Fabray, Mordechai is Mr. Schuester.
Narrator #2: Esther is Rachel Berry. Haman is Coach Sue Sylvester.
Narrator#1: King Finn Ahashversos is hosting a grand party. All the guests are dancing and having a great time.
Narrator #2:Let's all go now to Mckinley High School and join in the celebration.
Guard #1: Attention, attention.
Guard #2: The King Finn has an important announcement to make. Please lend us your ears.
King: Soon my queen shall arrive and dance for all of my guests. (clap, clap)Guards send orders to the Queen that we await her presence. Guards exit and go to the queen) Kailee and Carly go get Vashti (use handheld mic)
Guard #1: Queen Quinn, King Finn is ready for you to appear. You must come now.
Queen Quinn Vashti: I will not appear at his party, I will not dance or sing for his guests. Tell him no way!
Queen's Lady:But your highness, you must obey the King's wishes.
Guard #2:But Queen, the consequences.
Queen Quinn Vashti: You have my answer, tell the King NO!
(Guards take HH and approach the king )
Guard #2: King, the Queen has told us she will not dance for you.
Guard #1: Yes sire, she has refused to appear.
King: What, I am outraged! How dare she refuse my request. She will be dethroned for this act of disrespect. Guards bring me the Queen!
(Guards bring the Queen to see the King. Queens lady approaches King 1st with guards and Vashti behind her)
Queens Lady: Sire, the Queen is here to see you.
King: Send her in.
Queen Quinn Vashti: Yes, Sire you wanted to see me.
King: You have embarrassed me in front of my guests. If I say disco you dance, if I say hip you hop, this won't do, you are banished, from me!forever.
Dance For You
Vashti's Song In the Style of Bulletproof by La Roux
Written by Amy and Emily Kramer and Cantorial Assistant Sarene Appelbaum Recorded by Cantor Stephanie Shore

Been there, done that, messed around
not having fun, don't put me down
I'll never let you make me dance again
I won't let you tell me when, and I am through with all these men
This crazy parties just aint' workin out
you can't tell me what to say, no you won't always have your way
I'll show you king, that's not what I'm about.
Been, there done that messed around
I'm leaving town, here's my crown
I'll never let you make me dance again

This time baby I won't dance for you
This time baby I won't dance for you