Motown Operetta

Intro to Mr. Sentry:
RDA: Welcome to Motown-Shushan. Our operetta opens in the royal palace. King Ahasverhosh may rule over 127 lands and provinces. But he's having trouble getting his wife, the beautiful Queen Vashti, to do the loco-motion right at home. Listen up y'all!

Intro to Lookin for a Queen:
RDA: That Vashti, ooh she's a fine dancer
RAS: Why didn't she want to dance?
SS: Sometimes a girl just don't want to dance.

RAS: Well, she should have, that’s for sure

RDA: Queen Vashti has turned in her crown.  And now, the King’s gonna look for a new queen.

RAS: OOhh, Palace living would be good for me. I heard they have 24 hour room service. I got a sister, she'd make a great queen.

SS: Your sister? Hunh. You don't care about your sister, all you want is a piece of the palace. Now I have a cousin who would be perfect as the queen, who knows maybe I'll go and show the King my moves (dance move)

RDA: King's gotta do much better than this. Let's watch 'em look.