Motown Purim Shpiel

"Carol Raphan Original Purim Play"
Narrator #1: Vashti was permitted to have a party blast
Little did she know that this one would be her last
The party went on for many a day and night
When finally no one could eat even one more bite
The food was so delicious it all tasted fine
Ahasuerus said
Ahashverosh: Serve the kingdom*s finest wine
I have a wonderful kingdom, I have a royal life
My rule is undisputed, I have a beautiful wife.
As a matter of fact it would please me so
If Vashti*s great beauty I were able to show.
Zeresh go for my wife and command her to appear
I am so greatly pleased when her beauty is so near.
Zeresh: Queen Vashti, excuse me, I know your partying with the gals
But Ahasuerus wants to see you, to show you off to his pals.
Narrator #2: Well she became quite upset, she really showed her ire
From ranting and raving she did not soon tire, she said