Schmaltz...a Greased Purim

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SCENE 2: The Girls' Restroom
Vashti stands by mirror looking at her face. Pink Ladies enter.
Frenchy: Hey Vashti, you'd better get your tush into the gym. Astor Harris is the Homecoming King, and he's really mad that he doesn't have his Homecoming Queen.
Vashti:  I’m NOT going! Who does he think he is anyway.  Doesn’t he realize that a girl has needs too. They can’t see me like this. 
Marty: Honey, they won't see you ever again if you don't get out there. You know that Astor has a lot of influence around here.
Jan: Yeah, ever since he saved Principal Sherman’s life when that camel went crazy and was about to trample her, she’ll do anything he asks her to do!  He can get you kicked out of school.  Let me and Marty help you.
Marty: Come on Vashti, we can get you fixed up.  Frenchy did go to that beauty school and all.
Jan:  Yeah, a little make-up and make-over and you’ll be looking good as new.
Frenchy:  After all, you got a good thing going here and you don’t want to blow it.  Besides, the King has something planned with some big wigs from the big city.
Jan and Marty: The big city, come on girl, you don’t want to miss that.
Vashti: (Tearfully)  I don’t care.  Nobody’s going to see me with this broken nail… and a run in my hose… and (pointing to her forehead) this THING on my forehead!
Pink Ladies: OK, Vashti… If you snooze, you lose!
Vashti and Pink Ladies: SONG # 2: "Good Riddance Queen Vashti"
Good Riddance Queen Vashti
To the tune of: "Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee"
(Vashti and the Pink Ladies)
Vashti: Look at me I'm Queen Vashti
Pink Ladies: Mixed up with this company
Vashti: My mind is clear, I shall not appear
I won't I'm queen Vashti
Vashti: Watch it King, I will not sing
Pink Ladies: Even though she wears your ring
You think you're boss, but we know it's the sauce
She is no easy fling
Pink Ladies: She don't clean, or wash
Her life is quite posh
Vashti: I get ill from one royal touch
Don't order me, to go dance for thee
My King dear that's really too much
Pink Ladies: Say goodbye to Queen Vashti
She's no longer royalty
She wouldn't dance she lost her only chance
Good riddance Queen Vashti
Vashti: Ahashverosh, let me be
You'll no longer order me
You've been a bore
And now I'm out the door
Pink Ladies: Lights out
For Queen Vashti