Shushan Idol Drama Club Purim Shpiel

Scene 1
Narrator #1: This year's Purim Shpiel takes place in the studio of the TV
show "Shushan Idol," where we find the characters of King Ahashveros is
Ryan Seacrest; Vashti is Jennifer Lopez - better known as J-Lo; Mordechai
is Randy Jackson.

Narrator #2: Esther is Carrie Underwood. Haman (PAUSE for "boo") is
Simon Cowell.

Narrator#1: King Ryan Ahashveros is hosting a grand party. All the guests
are dancing the hora and having a wonderful time.

Narrator #2: Let's all go now to the studio and join in on the celebration.

Assistant #1: Attention, attention.

Assistant #2: King Ryan Ahashveros has an important announcement to

Assistant #1: Please lend us your ears.

King: Soon my queen shall arrive and dance for all of my guests. (clap, clap)
Assistants! Send orders to Queen Vashti J-Lo that we await her presence.
(Assistants exit and go to the queen)

Assistant #1: Queen Vashti J-Lo, King Ryan Ahashveros is ready for you to
appear. You must come now.

Queen: I will not appear at his party, I will not dance the hora for his guests. Tell him no!

Queen's Assistant: But your highness, you must obey the King Ryan
Ahashveros' wishes.

Assistant #2: But Queen Vashti J-Lo, the consequences!

Queen: You have my answer. Tell King Ryan Ahashveros NO! (Assistants go to the King)

Assistant #2: King Ryan Ahashveros, Queen Vashti J-Lo has told us she will
not dance for you.

Assistant #1: Yes sire, she has refused to appear.

King: What?? I am outraged! How dare she refuse my request? She will be
dethroned for this act of disrespect and booted from the show! Guards
bring me Queen Vashti J-Lo! (Guards exit and bring the Queen to see the King.)

(Guards exit and bring the Queen to see the King.)

Queen Lady: Sire, the Queen is here to see you.

King: Send her in.

Queen: Yes, sire, you wanted to see me?

King: You have embarrassed me in front of my guests--for this you will be
banished from Shushan Idol forever.

Vashti Ain't Your Gurl

To the tune of, "California Gurls" by Katy Perry

I hate this place
You know I really need to leave here
You're like a child
So this is something I'll make real clear
This is such big news
It's gonna make me feel so carefree
I'll disconnect
And don't you ever try to find me

You might think
I won't go Yeah, I'm up close
Sayin' adios
Hey King
don't you try me
I'm walkin' out the door
Ooooooh oh ooooooh

Vashti ain't your gurl
It's undeniable
My last dance
Has come to a stop
You will miss my face
It's def adorable.
Ooooooh oh ooooooh

Vashti ain't your gurl
It's not acceptable
When you tell Vashti
What to do
Shushan let me vent
And throw my hands up
Ooooooh oh ooooooh

Viewer #1: Did you hear that King Ryan Ahashveros FIRED Queen Vashti
J-Lo and kicked her off the show?

Viewer #2: Whatever will he do without a queen diva?

King: Let it be known the queen's throne is now open. I will hold a talent
contest to find the perfect wife to sit by my side and rule over Shushan.

Viewer #3: Did you hear that? I've got a friend that's perfect. I've got to
hurry up and tell her.

Viewer #4: Yeah, I have a sister who would be wonderful as the queen.

Viewer #1: Well, I have a one of my cousin's sister's who'd be wonderful.

Viewer #2: I've got the daughter of my mother's cousin's brother's neighbor
from around the block who I think would be perfect.

Viewer #3: Enough of this.

Viewer #4: Let's get going.

Narrator #2: The viewers and TV crew quickly busy themselves to prepare
for King Ryan Ahashveros' search for the next Queen.

Scene 2

Narrator #1: Mordechai Randy goes to see his cousin Esther Carrie to talk
to her about King Ryan Ahashveros' talent contest for a new queen.

Narrator #2: Esther Carrie is a little shy and wonders if she can really do it.

Mordechai: (Down on knees) Pretty please Esther Carrie? Will you just let
King Ryan Ahashveros hear you? Once he hears you, I know he'll want you
for his queen. You know I know my stuff, Dawwg.

Esther: I don't know Mordechi Randy, do you think I'm talented enough?

Mordechai: Of course you are. Esther: Do you think I'm smart enough?

Mordechai: Of course. Esther: Do you think I've got what it takes to be the queen?

Mordechai: I could think of no one better.

Scene 2A

Crew Member #1: The contest to select the King Jack Ahashveros' new
queen will now begin.

Crew Member #2: Contestants, please take your places.

Crew Member #1: Contestant #1, please give us your name and tell us
a little bit about yourself.

Contestant #1: Well, My name is Jordyn, and I like to sing Hip Hop music
and sing at karaoke bars. (maybe sings a line or two of a song?)

Mordechai Randy: Wow! That was a little pitchy man!

Crew Member #2: Contestant #2, please give us your name and tell us
about yourself.

Contestant #2: My name is Hillary, and I like classical music and opera. And
I really need this job. (maybe sings a line from an opera??)

Crew Member #1: All right, all right, contestant #3, please give us your name
and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Esther: My name is Esther Carrie, and my desire is to help King Ryan
Ahashveros rule the music business in peace and tranquility. I will be your
friend and confidante through thick and thin. (maybe sings a line from
"You've got a Friend"???)

Narrator #1: King Ryan Ahashveros hears Esther Carrie's words and voice
and knows that she is the one for him.

Narrator#2: The one thing the King does not know is that Esther Carrie is

King: I have made my decision. Esther Carrie is the woman who will reign in
my castle and sit by my side. Come my dear Queen.