Shushan Powers

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Glad You Chose Me
We're Victorious (rap)

Original Title Purim Title
Lucky *
Vashti *
Come On Over Baby *
Glad You Chose Me *
It's My Life
We've Got Strife
Just The Two Of Us (rap)
Haman We Don't Trust (rap)
Jewish Plight
It's Gonna Be Me
I Really Can't Sleep
Oops! I Did It Again
King! On You I'll Depend
Just Two Of Us (rap) * We're Victorious (rap) *

Included in this shpiel: Shushan Powers
  • Hard Copy of CD Insert
  • CD of Music with parodied vocals
  • CD of Script and CD Insert
  • Hard Copy of Script
  • Optional
    • DVD of Shpiel - $20.00