Temple Ohev Sholom, Harrsiburg, PA.
"The audience seemed to have as much fun viewing the play as the cast had performing it. people loved the energy and enthusiams that runs through Schmaltz."

Jaimi Smith, Purim shpiel Director, Temple Ohev Sholomt

Jewish Family Service Association of Cleveland, Beachwood, Ohio
"On behalf of the Jewish Family Service Association Board and clients, I want to thank you for your wonderful creation of Purim songs to the melodies of "Fiddler On The Roof". Your creation allowed our clients to enjoy their Purim celebration in a meaningful and joyous way.

Anne Rosenberg, Director of Marketing and Development

Soloway JCC, Ottawa
I wanted to thank you and Rabbi Agler for your wonderfully creative script….’Schmaltz- Greased Purim’. Last night’s audience of 200 thoroughly enjoyed themselves as did the cast and crew while preparing. The music is infectious!!

Roslyn Wollock, Adult Education & Cultural Programs Manager

Cedar Village Retirement Community - Mason, Ohio
We are the Cincinnati Jewish retirement community and our residents all loved it, were clapping along and some were even singing the choruses. Thanks to you and your congregation for a great shpiel! The highlight was 2 of our staff members hoola hooping out in the audience!

Sally F. Korkin, Senior Director of Community Relations and Outreach

Congregation Or Ami, Richmond, Virginia
We selected "Purim With the Beatles" because tunes by the Fab Four are known by people from 8 to 80.  Since Purim as an outreach and congregational engagement event for us, so we were happy to be able to perform for a standing room only audience. Our performers and attendees, both member and guest, had a blast! Thank you Cantor Shore for making these wonderful tools for innovative worship available.

Steve Silbert, Steve Silbert

Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey, Washington, NJ
The shpiel was hilarious in rehearsal and in performance. Everyone had a terrific time. Adults in the audience, including the Rabbi, laughed from beginning to end. We did the Wizard of PersOz this year, and because the children know the Wizard of Oz story, they were captivated even more than in past years (all of which were extremely fun and successful). To give you an example: there was a first-grader dressed as a magician (all the kids were in costume), seated in the second row, and whenever Haman was on stage, this little boy was pointing his "magic wand" to try to "control" the evil-doer. Our shpiel is on youtube, accessible from our website: www.jcnwj.org. We will do another one next year.

Sharon Herson, Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey

Congregation Beth Israel in Charlottesville VA
The Middle East Side Purim Shpiel was GREAT. Everyone at Congregation Beth Israel in Charlottesville VA had a ball and the congregation loved it.

Elly Tucker

Cedar Village Foundation
"Megillah on the Roof" was a big hit today! The photos are on our website: www.cedarvillage.org and then scroll to Event Photos, go to 2012, and find Purim Shpiel. The residents loved it and those of us in the cast had fun!

Sally F. Korkin, Executive Director

Jewish Heritage Festival
Inspired by "What in the Megillah", we created a dance presentation (50+ people) that was performed at our local Jewish Heritage Festival. The shpiel was presented as the main entertainment and it was very well received by the audience.

Wendy Roy, Entertainment Coordinator

Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey, Washington, New Jersey
We performed the The Beatles Shpiel. In the past, we have done the shpiels that you wrote to the music of GUYS AND DOLLS and WEST SIDE STORY. As before, the words are apt and VERY funny, the music . . . well, what could be better? This year, the cast was adults only because we rehearsed on Sunday mornings while the children are in Sunday School. Every rehearsal was a blast; we were beside ourselves laughing. On the day of Purim, the audience, a mixture of adults and kids, enjoyed every minute. You can view us on YouTube and see how the laughter didn't stop for 45 minutes. The cast included some folks who didn't know each other too well before we began. This changed radically during the rehearsal period. A wonderful experience on many levels for all who participated.
Sharon Herson, member of Ritual Practices Committee, Past President, Past Chair of Ritual, Past Treasurer

Temple B'nai Shalom, Fairfax Station, Virginia
Our motown operetta, part of our "mojitos, the megillah and motown" purim celebration, like the beach boys shpiel last year, was extremely well received. We even had an encore performance for our religious school the next day. The lyrics synch wonderfully well with the music and the action. My cast had a marvelous time recreating the stage movements and costuming of the original motown groups (youtube has everything!), and our audience was really into it as well - standing and mirroring the blocking along with the chorus.
The motown operetta is a rocking good time!! It will have your cast and audience "dancing in the streets!" we're already looking forward to next year's shpiel ... Oyklahoma, perhaps?
Dick Reed, Treasurer

Congregation/Organization: Congregation Shomer Emunim, Sylvania, OH
We performed "Schmaltz", a Greased Purim this year and my congregants had a lot of fun and the audience loved it! The Karaoke CD was a huge help for them to learn the music, and the script was so funny! We look forward to performing another Shore/Agler shpiel soon!
Raina Siroty, Cantor

Temple Emanuel, City, State: Winston-Salem, NC
We had a great time with the Beatles' music. We had four high schoolers singing the lyrics, a sophomore on the drums and a 7th-grader (my son) on electric guitar. It was so much fun. The lyrics were great and who doesn't love the Beatles? We used the music in connection with various grades telling parts of the story and the songs 'bridged' from one part of the story to the next. Thank you & Richie for your sharing this material.
Mark Strauss-Cohn, Rabbi

Congregation Shaarey Zedek, 27375 Bell Road, Southfield, MI
Purim this year rocked the house! Not only did the children love seeing their clergy dressed as "funny looking" characters, but because the words of the Purim story were set to familiar music all the parents sang along! The materials you sent were well thought-out, fun, easily accessible and well organized. What a wonderful resource you provide to the Jewish people!
Rabbi Aaron L. Starr, Director of Education and Youth

Sha'arei Shalom Messianic Synagogue
We loved using your witty song lyrics and Yiddish/Hebrew humor, and we had great reviews. I am grateful someone recommended I check out your website last year. G-d bless your creative team!
Ross M. Anderson

Temple Beth Zion
I have purchased spiels many times- wanted to take a departure from Norman Roth's which are pricey at 300 or so. I thought that the $200 for your materials were rather steep, especially given the fact that the copy was in poor shape- much of the text was faded and/or missing However, it was extremely well received and because I had so many participants, I decided to use more children to "announce the scenes" like 1 line narrators. That worked out very well- everyone had something to 'read' or say. I would consider using your spiels again
Penny S. Myers, Cantor. Intern

Temple Beth Emeth Of Mt Sinai, NY
We had a wonderful time! Your script and songs were a delight. It was very easy for us to include a few lines and names that were specifice to our Temple which made it even funnier. The only people who enjoyed it more than the audiences where the Shpielers. We laughed so hard during our rehearsals that we didn't think we would be able to do a performance in a straight face. A suggestion to other groups: We are a bunch of "old" Shpielers and did not have the time or memory to memorize the script. So we did it as a Radio Play with scripts; a sound effects man; a light box that flashed on the air and a sign to boo Haman. We added a radio announcer, a Radio Station (WTBE), and ads that featured local business' and congregants. It was a great success! Regards,
Herb Feinstein, Vice President

T. Emanuel in Woodcliff Lake, NJ
My Temple performed your "Beatles" Purimshpiel this morning, and it was fabulous!
Debra Blecher

Temple Beth-El, St. Petersburg, Florida
A Greased Purim Shpiel We had a GREAT purim!
Rabbi Michael Torop

Suburban Temple-Kol Ami, Beachwood, Ohio
We used the Beatles Shpiel. The PowerPoint Presentation which allowed us to invite the audience participation. We were well received and even got a standing ovation! There was a lot of energy felt at our Cafe Shushan setting. Everyone in the cast had a lot of fun performing this shpiel especially with such a receptive audience!
Rhona Jacobson, Member

Congregation Shir Chadash, Lakewood, CA
Our cast memorized the lines to the Beach Boychicks Purim shpiel. We thoroughly enjoyed our evening. We treated it as a full fledged play... not just a reading. Our humble shul thanks Congregation B'nai Israel for the opportunity to provide good wholesome entertainment.
Larna Norman, Purim Shpiel Director

Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley, Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Our Purim "Tribute to Esther and the Beatles" was wonderful. We received so many compliments on the music, lyrics, and script. Your resource and karaoke music made our production easy and just delightful! We had a cast of 7 children, and also children's glee club, our rabbi, and a senior congregant along with three directors/choreographers/music coordinator. We all had so much fun, and the audience really was involved. After performing for our entire Hebrew School , we took the show on the road to the local Jewish Home for Assisted Living. The residents caught the innuendos in the script that the children didn't and dance to the music. Thank you again for this opportunity.
Alayne Pick, Director

Congregation Shaarey Zedek, Southfield, MI
Purim this year rocked the house! Not only did the children love seeing their clergy dressed as "funny looking" characters, but because the words of the Purim story were set to familiar music all the parents sang along! The materials you sent were well thought-out, fun, easily accessible and well organized. What a wonderful resource you provide to the Jewish people! Thanks
Rabbi Aaron L. Starr

Shaarei-Beth El Congregation, Oakville, Ontario
The Purim on the Roof was a wonderful resource. The fact that you provided a script, music CD, Karaoke CD and digital script made it so easy for us, a small congregation without the resources to do such a project on our own. The players loved the purim lyrics to their favourite Fiddler songs. The music lit up the room, and it was so helpful to have the Karaoke soundtrack to sing along with. Having the script on CD was so wonderful so we could make easy adjustments and also we put the lyrics up on a big screen so people could sing along. Overall it was a great experience, the script resources were reasonably priced and arrived in a timely fashion. Our congregation sang along with the wonderful music and the script had plenty of depth to provide a great summary of the Purim story. Thanks so much,
Rabbi Stephen Wise

Temple Isaiah, Stony Brook, NY
We used your "Beach Boys Purim" this year and, let me say, it was a great success. The story line was great, your lyrics were terrific and the Beach Boys are, certainly, the Beach Boys. Those present were singing along and clapping; they loved it! I look forward to, actually in Florida and having the opportunity to than you, personally, for the fine job you did.
Cantor Michael Trachtenberg

Beth Hatikvah, Chatham, NJ
We used the Disco Operetta as the base for the production. We had a blast and our congregation loved it!! We edited lyrics and music, added scenes, a dance contest, and wrote a finale parody to "Play that funky music" that had everyone dancing!! Thanks so much for the great framework to our most fun shpiel to date!!
Myra Cole, Director/Producer CBH Purim Shpiel and Facilities Chair

Jewish Federation of Brevard and Indian River Counties, elbourne, Florida
nspired by "What in the Megillah", we created a dance presentation (50+ people) that was performed at our local Jewish Heritage Festival. The shpiel was presented as the main entertainment and it was very well received by the audience.
Wendy Roy, Entertainment Coordinator, Jewish Heritage Festival

Skokie Valley Agudath Jacob Synagogue, Skokie, IL
It was huge hit. The participants in the skit had a blast rehearsing and performing it. The crowd loved it and chimed in on the chorus sections. It was an excellent addition to out Purim program!
Rabbi Samuel Biber

Temple Isaiah, Stony Brook, N Y
I thought I sent you an email after Purim; If I didn't, I am sorry. We used your "Beach Boys Purim" this year and, let me say, it was a great success. The story line was great, your lyrics were terrific and the Beach Boys are, certainly, the Beach Boys. Those present were singing along and clapping; they loved it! I look forward to, actually in Florida and having the opportunity to than you, personally, for the fine job you did. Many Thanks,
Cantor Michael Trachtenberg

Temple Mount Sinai, El Paso, TX
We loved "The Beatles" shpiel. Easy to learn, made our choir look great, and everyone had a great time singing along. We'll be back next year...
Larry Bach, Rabbi

Shir Ami, Yardley, PA.
Our shpiel was received with great enthusiasm and everyone seemed to enjoy it this past Sunday. Our "live" Purim Band has been playing for our shpiels for many years and the musicians enjoyed a trip into the past with music that many of us grew up with.
Thank you and Rabbi Agler for helping to make this years shpiel a rousing success!
Ken Bieber, Director

Bethesda Jewish Congregation, Bethesda, MD.
We celebrated Purim with the Motown Operetta, and the whole house was ROCKING! It was performed as a sing-a-long & dance-a-long, and was so well-written and easy to sing. Who knew that Motown songs were made for Purim spiels?
Joan Wolf, Purim Shpiel Director

Jewish Center of Northwest Jersey, Washington, NJ
We had a blast rehearsing and performing Middle East Side Story. The two CDs, one with and one without the words, were most helpful in learning the music. We performed using the karaoke version. We are a congregation of about 80 families, and age of performers ranged from 12 to 66, with some people taking several parts. All of us are amateurs. Our student cantor helped us organize and was able to participate in the first and last rehearsals. We had only three in between, so we used our scripts for the dialogue. That didn't seem to interfere with the enjoyment of the audience. Everyone laughed and clapped throughout, so I take that as an indication that it was well worth the effort. I played Haman and had lots of fun singing his part. I would have liked one more song for him!
Sharon Herson, Past President

Beth Israel, Carmel, CA
This was the first year we put on a Purim Shpiel other than our own. We enjoyed doing Schmaltz, A Greased Purim. Our cast of teenagers and adults had at least as much fun practicing and performing the show as did those who attended the final show. To say it was a hit would be an understatement. Because of the cd's provided, we were able to master the songs. Comments following the show included, "the best shpiel ever" and "I especially loved the songs!" Thanks for helping us create a wonderful Purim experience for our congregation.
Bruce Greenbaum, Rabbi and Shpiel director

Temple B'nai Abraham, Livingston, NJ
Great Purim shpiels that are funny, great lyrics and easy to put on with your temple. The karaoke CD and the CD with the “parody” lyrics are invaluable tools that you can use to teach your congregational volunteers the tunes easily..
Cantor Jessica Epstein, Cantor

Temple Shir Shalom, West Bloomfield, MI
We recently put on your script and lyrics for Middle East Side Story. I was in it, it was the first time I appeared in a play since I was a kid - I had a lot of fun. I thought the script was great - our congregation agreed-- they laughed a lot. Although there was a lot of booing and hissing, it was at Haman and not the cast.
Sidney Mintz, Founding Member

Temple B'nai Shalom, Fairfax Station, VA
The Shpiel was a resounding success. Thank you so much for making the script and music available to us. I've attached the program created for the show, as I know you would like to see it.
It was great fun to have beach balls tossed around the sanctuary during the show (the bimah was our "stage"), and the chorus had a blast as well (I just had to have back-up singers, so I added some males to the Vashti Girls and set them loose). The Girls added pom-poms and their own cheers to "Be True to the Jews," and the crowd went wild. Everyone was so into the show - even Haman the Surfer Dude, with his gnarly girl friend Zeresh. It was so great.t.
Dick Reed, Board of Directors

Reutlinger Community for Jewish Living, Walnut Creek, California
In our spiel we used the music from Cantor Shore's; Beatles, Megillah Around the Clock and Mordech Eye 007! Our residents, (85-102), were in complete costume, wigs and make-up as they held mics to lip sync along with Cantor Shore's beautiful voice. What an amazing, joyful evening shared with family and friends. Thank You
Carol Goldman, Director of Programs

Temple Emanuel - South Hills, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Megillah Around The Clock was a smash hit at Temple Emanuel.  We give it 4 Jewish Stars!
Rabbi Mark Mahler

Just wanted to let you all know of the great success I had yesterday with one of Stephanie Shore's Purim spiels. I adapted and slightly shortened her "Wizard of Pers-Oz" for use by a cast of 20 children ages 6-17. I couldn't have been more pleased with how things turned out and the audience was ecstatic, too.
We used Stephanie's instrumental performance tracks and the kids did all the singing.
Most likely I'll use one of Stephanie's other spiels next year and recommend that you keep her spiels in mind for next year, too.
Carol Boyd Leon, Songwriter/Music Educator

Temple Israel - Alameda, California
I join in with my Purim Praises. Our chavurah performed Stephanie's "Oy-klahoma: We were all as "high as an elephant's eye" at the end. Clever lyrics...funny dialogue. Thanks Stephanie.
Iris Jacobs

Temple Israel - Alameda, California
I (join in with Purim praises). We used Stephanie's "Motown Purim" last year and are using "Oyklahoma" this year. Everyone is enjoying singing it. We got costumes from a local costume shop, so we look pretty good, too.
Cantor Pamela Sawyer

Congregation Shir Ami - Encinitas, California
Dear Stephanie,
Thanks so much for everything. "Megillah Around the Clock" was a huge success! Our Purim festival was the most successful holiday (except for the High Holy Days and Pesach) that we've ever had at our small shul. Nearly every family in our shul attended. The main reason everyone came was they wanted to see how in the world we were going to pull off the musical shpiel. Well, with the help of your well written
script and easy to follow lyrics we did it! We only had one rehearsal but still managed to pull it off. Your musical shpiel made our holiday a success. Todah Raba!
Tzipporah Smith, Purim Chair -2009

Congregation Beth Am - Teaneck, New Jersey
We did the Beatles spiel. The audience and the cast really enjoyed every minute of it.
Susan Cohen DeStefano

Columbia Jewish Congregation - Columbia, Maryland
Jumping into the fray, we did the Beatles last night; I haven't laughed this hard for a very long time. There is something about a "groovy" powerpoint presentation of a song for the congregation AND the teens in the audience waving their cel phones as if they were candles when the sung "Imagine" was sung.
I already have people clamoring for more for next year!!!
Thanks Stephanie.
Jan Morrison

Beth Tikvah Congregation -Hoffman Estates, IIllinois
We did Wizard of PersOz last night, it was great.
Ilana Axel Cantorial Soloist

Congregation Beth Am - Teaneck, New Jersey
This year's MOTOWN MEGILLAH was a great hit at Congregation Beth Am. We had a fuller-than-full house and all the members of the audience really loved it. I'd say they were dancing in the aisles -- but there was almost no room for people to do so. The cast did, though -- both to PURIM TIME HAMANTASH and to a parody of my own to DANCING IN THE STREET - when Haman's leading Mordecai around Shushan on the king's horse. It's a wonderful spiel -- and we had lots of fun doing it.
Susan Cohen DeStefano

Or Shalom Congregation (a Conservative shul) - London, Ontario, Canada
Just wanted to tell you that we never managed to run the purim shpiel
'night at the opera' last year through a number of circumstances, so we
ran it this year. It was a huge success, played to a sold out audience,
and we cleared costs (including a lunch) at $8.00 a head. I suspect we
will be in touch for another play in the near future. Regards,
Jim Stevens ,Chair Or Shalom Theatre Troupe

Ezra Academy - Woodbridge, Connecticut
We had a great Purim! (Beatles) Its the first time we did a shpiel (we did it for
faculty). People loved it and it will be the springboard to doing an all
school shpiel next year! Many thanks!!
Rabbi Andy Hechtman

Temple Beth Ora - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
As in the past two years, we thoroughly enjoyed doing the shpiel and our congregants had a great time watching and participating!
Francie Nobleman. VP Ritual

Har Sinai Congregation - Owings Mills, Maryland
Your shpiel was great fun and the CD you sent along with it was a God
send. It made the whole thing possible. Maybe next time you'll do
another CD with just the instrumentals. Because we usually do our
shpiel on the closest Sunday we don't have any musicians because they
also play in church. So we sang and danced with your CD with the vocals
along with our own. It was a little confusing at times. But well worth
it. Thanks again for putting together a script and package that was so
professionally done!!!
Cantor Nancy R. Ginsberg, M.S.W.

Temple Judea - Massapequa, New York
The Purimshpiel went very well. All enjoyed it. I dressed as Sgt.
Pepper (the John Lennon variety), and all had a good time. Thank you
for your help.
Rabbi Michael L. Kramer

Temple B'nai Abraham - Livingston, New Jersey
This was our second year using one of your shpiels - they are fantastic!
Last year we did, "Schmaltz" and this year we did "What's Happening in
Shushan: A Guys and Dolls Purim" which we renamed, "Maidels and
Menschen." I love the fact that you send out the script on disk, so we
can edit it for the number of cast members we need. It also makes it
easy to add in jokes for our shul. The CDs help the cast members learn
the songs, and make my life easier! Thank you so much for another great year!
Cantor Jessica Epstein

Akron JCC Pre-School - Akron, Ohio
Very enjoyable. Easy rehearsals. Staff had a great time performing and families and kids really loved the music of the Beatles.
Judy Grundfast, Music Specialist

Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
My congregation loved the Motown groove. Having prepared CDs to give out
to the cast made the teaching process more efficient and ensured that
everyone had their songs memorized.
Rachelle Shubert, Director of Music, Cantorial Soloist

Soloway Jewish Community Centre - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
What can I say? The entire Beach boys Purim experience was nothing but FUN FUN FUN! We had dormant thespians from the community coming out of the woodwork to try out. Achashverosh, Mordechai, Esther......all were wonderful. We haven't had any organized theatrical productions performed through our centre in ten years or more. To open with a shpiel featuring Beach Boys music proved to be just what our community was looking for. We saw 200 people come through our doors and, yes, we had to turn people away. Kudos to you and your writing team for a magnificent effort. I'm sure
your creativity has brought pleasure to many communities. We hope to
celebrate next year with another shpiel. Our biggest challenge is
deciding which one! Again, thank you for the wonderful opportunity. We hope to be in touch shortly to order next years production. Sincerely,
Roslyn Wollock, Adult Program Manager

Temple Israel - Northern Westchester, New York
Cantor Stephanie Shor's Purim shpiels are exciting, upbeat, involving
and quite user friendly. The quality of recording production for her CD
learning kit is impressive and outstanding. I would highly recommend
her shpiels for a good time and a good cause.
Cantor Steve Sher

Chabad Lubavitch - Boynton Beach, Florida
Megillah on the Roof! Where shall I begin? The script, music and lyrics
were wonderful. Our Rebbetzin said, "In her greatest imagination she
never expected a production of such caliber." On a personal note I would like to thank you for offering such a vast array of professionally scripted material to the Jewish Community. It was undoubtedly Divine Providence directing me to your website. And to have found you literally, right around the corner, was a blessing. I do hope we have the opportunity to meet someday. With sincere gratitude,

Temple Beth Shalom - Salem, Oregon
Thanks to purimshpiels.com, we were able to provide the perfect
centerpiece for this year's Purim Celebration! Our congregation had
never held a full "Purim Shpiel," and the event was a great success.
Just one week after Purim, we are already making plans for an expanded
Shpiel next year!
Mark Overbeck

Temple Emanuel - Cherry Hill, New Jersey
On behalf of the Ritual Committee here at Temple Emanuel, we want to
Thank you for making our Purim celebration so wonderful. Using your "Lion King" shpiel was a wonderful way to get so many of our congregants and their families involved. We played to a "packed house", including our entire Sunday School, and the Show got "rave reviews". We have every intention of selecting another shpiel to do next Purim. Thanks for everything.
Tami Brody, Ritual Committee

Congregation B'nai Torah - Sudbury, Massachusetts
Our purim shpiel was fabulous, the kids the adults, everyone had a great time. We got compliments that it was the best Purim Shpiel that they had seen.
Cantor Jacqueline Breines

Temple Beth Ora - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
We had a cast of about 10 and all of us thoroughly enjoyed performing the spiel entitled "Shmaltz - A Greasy Purim." Your CD was terrific with wonderful voices and very clever lyrics! It allowed us to put on the shpiel with only 2 rehearsals (neither of which had all "actors" in attendance!). Despite our lack of practice, the play came off as a smashing success! Everyone who came participated in some way (we handed out the lyrics to the first and last songs so the "audience" could join in) and it was an incredibly freilach festival celebration. All agreed that it was a wonderful way to celebrate Purim.
Francie Robins, Nobleman VP Ritual

Temple Israel - Northern Westchester, New York
I am happy to report to you that your Spongebob Shpiel was a great hit for this season! We had about 20 kids involved and choreographed them to dance as well as sing the numbers. It was a great success. I will surely call upon your skills for next season as well. This was a great shpiel for very young kids. Thanks, again, for the gift of your creativity and talent. Again, brava to you for your creative achievements.
Cantor Steve Sher

Congregation Shomray Hadath (Conservative) and Congregation B'Nai Israel (Reform) - Elmira, New York
I must say that it was a fantastic evening. With excellent publicity we had more than 3x the normal number of attendees this year. Your shpiel provided an excellent show filled with cast members of all ages. The songs were fun and lively, and allowed us to explore our freedoms in choreography. I received dozens of compliments on the script and the acting. The 100 dollars was money well spent. It is not entirely my decision, however, I hope that we use your company again. I can not tell you how wonderful the evening went. It was one of the most successful evenings in our community in years. Your shpiel has helped bring some new light to our community. The theme was amazing with excellent lyrics and good energy! Thank you so much for your help and for providing our community with such a wonderful gift! Shalom,
Jeff Rosenheck, Youth Group President

Temple Beth Shalom - Hastings-on-Hudson, New York
Our Purim shpiel went very well. It was performed by our 7th/8th grade youth group--all boys. While we didn't have as many rehearsals as I would have liked and not all of our performers knew who the Beatles were, they were very cute and very well received (the parents certainly appreciated the Beatles parody-aspect of it!). I appreciated having your cleverly rhyming script to work from. I realized only after Purim had come and gone (and the reviews were two thumbs way up!) that we have done some creative Purim shpiels before, but not musical parodies (believe it or not). So, working with your material was a great way for us to get initiated into what the rest of the world has been doing for years. I'm sure we'll be surfing your website next year for our next attempt!
Cantor Robin Anne Joseph

Beth Shalom of Brandon - Seffner, Florida
It went very nicely and was very well received. As the director of the shpiel, I can say it was very nice to have everything together and easy to follow.
Joel Edelson, Board Member

Southgate and District Reform Synagogue - London, England
We hardly had a lot of time to do any preparation - well, actually, none at all! In spite of that, however, it went down really well. I thought it was splendidly written - both the prose and the songs. Very clever adn ingenious...... I did a songsheet so that all the congregation and we - the congregation - sang the songs. Everybody said how much they enjoyed and like it.
Rabbi Colin Eimer

Temple Sinai - Newport News, Virginia
We had great success with the "Shushan Shrek" - The CD 'saved' our pitiful voiceovers and it was well received from audience (our wonderfully adaptive narrators sounding like "gingerbread man" and the "Queen of Hearts" had us all in stitches). Many Thanks and Be Well!
Lisa Stern, Religious/Hebrew Schools Director

Temple Emanuel - Pueblo, Colorado
The kids did the Marx brother's play as readers' theatre . We had a great time with it though and the parents and visitors enjoyed the play followed by a potluck dinner. Thanks. L'Shalom.
Cantor Birdie Becker

Temple Amanu-El - Long Beach, New York
The shpiel was great and we had alot of fun. We especially enjoyed the lyrics and the adaptaion to the music. I would recommend this to any of my fellow cantors. Thanks again.
Cantor David Katz

Temple Rodeph Torah - Western Monmouth, New Jersey
Thank you so much for helping make this year's Purim Shpiel such a huge success! Our congregation, Temple Rodeph Torah in Western Monmouth County, NJ, was entertained with the production of "Schmaltz...A Greased Purim". Everyone enjoyed the Shpiel! The CD's that you provided were so helpful to our cast members, which consisted of both adults and children. The music was great and we had everyone clapping along to the popular tunes. Thank you again for providing us with such a fun script!
Robbin Friedell, congregant, member of TRT Board of Directors, and Purim Shpiel Director

Congregation Beth Israel-Judea - San Francisco, California
Our Purim Shpiel went well. We did the Lion King. Congregation Beth Israel-Judea in San Francisco. The play was well received, got lots of laughs.
Linda Park, Synagogue Administrator

ANIM: The Institute for Jewish Leadership and Values
First, my congregation did your Motown Megillah last week. It is brilliant and so much fun. My kipah is off to you for the talent that you obviously have. If the other congregations that have used it got as much joy as our community did, you are responsible for whole lot of simcha in the Jewish world.
Rabbi Sid Schwarz, Founder/President

Temple Emanu-El - Long Beach, New York
The Motown tunes really encouraged even congregants who'd never considered singing on stage to become part of the performance.... The audience really got into the performance, the response was wildly enthusiastic. "We presented your "Motown Purim shpiel" yesterday evening and it was a tremendous success. All the cast members enjoyed doing it, and the congregation really got into the spirit of the evening. There were nothing but rave reviews at the oneg after the performance.
Cantor Susan Cohen DeStefano

Greater Southington Jewish Congregation - Southington, Connecticut
Thank you so much for sharing your Purim Shpiel with our congregation. It was just the right length and allowed our small congregation to have a shpiel that was easy to perform and provided a lot of laughs. The music required little practice for our non-professional singers and the total effect was great.
Laura S. Minor, Coordinating Secretary

Beth Haverim - Mahwah, New Jersey
My husband and I, Scott Fergang and the cast had a fabulous time rehearsing and performing the shpiel. We were pleasantly surprised that the children were quiet, being attentive to the music, comedy and words of the shpiel. Many commented how much the enjoyed the performance of "Megillah on the Roof". It was definitely a success. We look forward to performing more of your shpiels in the future.
Cantor Barbra Lieberstein

Temple Beth Am - Miami, Florida
Thank you so much for your great talent. The Finding Nemo shpiel went great. Kudos to you and we look forward to next years hit songs.
Cantor Rachelle Nelson

Temple Beth Am - Miami, Florida
Shushan Shrek was the best Purim ever. They LOVED the music!!!!! Cannot thank you enough." For the last several years, we have purchased Cantor Shore's Purim Spiels. Our congregants look forward each year to the "top 40's" tunes with the Purim lyrics. These spiels are incredibly clever and are the primary reason for our success on this chag.
Cantorial Intern Lisa Segal

Congregation Etz Hayim - Arlington, Virginia
Conregation Etz Hayim thoroughly enjoyed the song purchased from Purimshpiels.com.
Rabbi Lia Bass

Temple Judah - Cedar Rapids, I
Our Purim celebration was so much fun. Your "Rock and Roll Megillah" went over wonderfully well.
Cantor Marsha Fensin

Temple Shearith Israel - Ridgefield, Connecticut
This year we used a wonderful Shpiel that was silly, funny, great 50s and old rock 'n' roll. The kids loved the dialogue and we used the karaoke music so we could sing along. It was a whole "happening". My rabbi dressed as Elvis and it worked really well." "It was our first Purim Shpiel and a huge success using your Megillah...Around the Clock. The songs were easy to learn, two rehearsals and we felt we "owned it!" Everyone sang along, and the players loved it as well as the congregation. I am ready to learn another one! Send it on!
Cantor Debbie Katchko Gray

Beth El Synagogue - Omaha, Nebraska
Megillah around the Clock" had a wonderful selection of songs. The music was lively and spirited and the audience thoroughly enjoyed it!
Margie Gutnik

Ramat Shalom - Plantation, Florida
I am writing to tell you that my synagogue's performance of "Schmaltz…A Greased Purim" was a success! We had a wide range of participants from kids in grade school to retirees. Everyone was accompanied by the tape(CD) you provided. It was a very uplifting and unifying experience.
Cantor Sharon Hordes

Congregation Children of Israel - Augusta, Georgia
We had a wonderful evening - The shpiel was a huge success!
Suzanne Shapiro

Beth El Synagogue - Omaha, Nebraska
Megillah around the Clock" had a wonderful selection of songs. The music was lively and spirited and the audience thoroughly enjoyed it!
Margie Gutnik

Gigi McIntire - Florida
We had an AWESOME time at my house sharing your shpiel in my living room! Everyone sang along with the Beatles CD and we even had a guest guitarist do a solo of Imagine. In fact, some of our members wrote you a few handwritten notes which I'll type here for you. Feel free to use any of our comments on your website. This was a great way to celebrate Purim with every age group.

Congregation of Liberal Judaism
We celebrated Purim at Congregation of Liberal Judaism like never before thanks to your wonderful purimspiel "Megillah...Around the Clock". Young and old alike were on their feet by the end of the production. The inter generational cast had a blast, too! Looking forward to next year!
Cantorial Intern Jacqueline Rawiszer

Congregation Beth El - New London, Connecticut
We had a wonderful time this year with the Megillah Around The Clock spiel. The congregation as well as the participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The script was great and the CD made it easy to perform.
Barry Kanarek

Temple Israel - Sharon, Massachusetts
We had a wonderful time with your purim shpiel. This is only the second time that we have done it and our congregation is clamoring for another one next year.
Sandy Aronson and Susan Sauders