A snippet from "Esther"

"Carol Raphan Original Purim Play"
Narrator #2: Now there was in the king's court a man so cruel and sinister
His name was Haman of Agag, who soon became prime minister
He loudly agreed as to Vashti's fate
For he thought his daughter would become the king's new mate
The king missed Vashti, he would wail and moan,
Ahashverosh: I am the king of Persia, I should not be alone,
Please my dear ministers if you love your king
Please find a maiden to whom I can give a wedding ring
Go into the countryside, go into the city
Find a girl obedient and she also must be pretty,
Please do your very best, hurry do not tarry
Find the best maiden for your king to marry.
Narrator #1: Now it happened that in Shushan all men were not so very bright
Though some of them were able to read well and to write
One of these was Mordechai and he became a scribe extraordinaire
He also was the guardian of Hadassah, young and fair.
She was an orphan baby,whom Mordechai did raise
For her exceptional beauty, she oftimes received much praise. Mordechai said
Mordechai: Dearest niece, when the ministers see your face
They'll stop in their tracks, then to the palace race
To tell the king of your beauty, your fairness, and your eyes so blue
But never, never tell them you are a Jew.