The Beatles Operetta Purim

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How The Jews Did Win
Don't You Think That I Won't Fight
Won't Bow
It's Purim

Original Title Purim Title
I Wanna Hold Your Hand * How The Jews Did Win *
Obladee Obladah
I'm The King Can't You See
Hard Days Night * Don't You Think That I Won't Fight *
Help Help

Yellow Submarine
You Could Be The Queen
Hey Jude
Hey Jews
Come Together
All Together
Get Back * Won't Bow *
Let It Be
Keep Us Free
Can't Buy Me Love
Help From Above
Help From My Friends
Help From My Friends
Back in the USSR
Haman You've Gone Way Too Far
She Loves You * It's Purim *
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Included in this shpiel: The Beatles Operetta Purim
  • Beatles Operetta Parts: 11 parts – plus chorus (very little script, mostly singing)
  • Hard Copy of CD Insert
  • CD of Music with parodied vocals
  • CD of Script and CD Insert
  • Hard Copy of Script
  • Optional
    • PowerPoint Presentation of Lyrics - $50.00
    • DVD of Shpiel - $20.00
    • Karaoke Tracks - $30.00