Frosted Purim Snippet

Narrator #1: Hans Haman is still fuming from his run in with Elsa-chai that he goes to see the King.
Narrator #2: His pride is so strong that there is no way that he will allow this Jew to embarrass him in front of the townspeople by not bowing down.
Narrator#1:His plan is to convince the King Ahashveros Kristoff that the Jews are a terrible burden to the kingdom and that they should die.
Snowguard: King Ahashveros Kristoff, Hans Haman is here to see you.
King: Yes, I will see him. Send him in.
Haman: King, I bring news of the Kingdom that I know will not please you
King: Tell me of the trouble, Hans Haman.
Haman: The Jews will not bow down to me. I carried out your wishes and demanded that the people bow down to me.
King:And what was the response of the people?
Haman: Well, your majesty. All the people bowed down except Elsa-chai. Elsa-chai, their so called leader, and I had words together. She informed me that they would not bow to any human being, that Jews only bow down to their G-d.
King: What is it that you suggest we do?
Haman: Well sire, I believe we should teach them a lesson. After all King, the Jews are disrespectful to the powers that be in this kingdom.
King: Disrespectful! How dare they disrespect me or the kingdom. The Jews are causing us trouble. Take care of the problem, Hans Haman.
Narrator#1: Elsa-chai hears this awful news, and knows that she must warn the queen.
Narrator#2: She searches the palace to find Queen Esther Anna and tells her of the Jews’ peril.
Elsa-chai: Sister, you must help us! Hans Haman has plotted an awful scheme - the Jews are in danger of being killed. The King has signed a proclamation.
Queen: Oh my people, what shall I do ... I know! I shall plan an extravagant dinner in hopes to soften the heart of Haman and to please my King. Then I shall have a chance to revoke this horrible proclamation.