Hello Purim

Narrator: Once upon a time in New York City, there lived a woman by the name of Dolly Levi. Although we don't know for sure, she was more than likely Jewish. I mean, her last name was Levi, for heaven's sake! What did she do for a living? She was a matchmaker – a yenta! And who played her in the movie? Barbra Streisand! Your honor, I rest my case!

In any case, Dolly Levi was very well known and had tons of admirers. Whenever she came to town, people would stand in line to welcome her. And when they did, they all said the same thing: "Hello, Dolly!" Boys and girls, make sure you're paying attention to this. It will be important later on!

At this point, you might be asking yourself, "What does this have to do with Purim?" That's a very good question – but I'm not going to answer it now. I'm going to let you see for yourselves. So please, sit back, relax, and enjoy our newest Shpiel… "Hello, Purim!"
Scene 1 - Outside the Palace
Holly: Hello, Molly! 
Molly: Hello, Holly!
Molly and Holly: Hello, Polly!
Polly: Hello, Holly!  Hello, Molly!
Holly: Good golly, Molly! Good golly, Polly! Did you hear what just happened at the palace?
Molly: I sure did, Holly! Did you, Polly?
Polly: Not at olly… I mean, um, no… I didn't..
Holly: Queen Vashti – or should I say the former Queen Vashti – finally put her foot down.
Polly: Well, that's good to know. She must get really tired standing on one leg all the time.
Molly: No, that's not what she means, Polly. Queen Vashti finally told the King that she wouldn't dance for him… any more. She's had it!
Polly: Well, no wonder. So now what happens, Molly?
Holly: She gets to sing her big, show-stopping opening number!
Molly: Holly, I think she meant what happens now that we don't have a queen.
Holly: Oh, sorry, Polly. I guess we'll have to wait until after her song to find out.
Vashti enters (carrying a suitcase). 
All: Well hello, Vashti!
Vashti: Hello, Holly! Hello, Molly! Hello, Polly! I guess you've heard what happened by now.
Holly: e did, but the audience would probably enjoy it more if you sang about it.
Vashti: You've got it, girls!
To the tune of "Before The Parade Passes By"

Here goes the Queen, say goodbye;
I have had stress and too much of all his strife.
Here goes the Queen, say goodbye;
There is much more to life than being his wife.

I'm saying adieu to the throne;
There'll be no more of giving up my life.
No more drunken brawls,
No more costume balls,
My better self I won't deny...